Sitting Greyhound Dog Resin

Dimension (H) : ~190 cm | Weight : ~ 50 kg | Composition : resin


By definition, the Greyhound is a long, slender-legged dog with a supple, light body, very muscular, sinewy and built for running. It has a very appreciable physical aspect due to its ideal proportions. This dog statue Sitting Resin Greyhound will energize your place because at any time you can send him the order to rush in the yard and admire his speed. Robust and durable, this statue is made for enthusiasts and lovers of smooth and harmonious lines. The Golden Resin Sitting Racing Dog will be at your side to represent speed and competition.

Its colors : gold and black, to be personalized (on estimate)

-Greyhound dog delivered in one piece. To clean it, please wipe the surfaces with a soft damp cloth without detergent. Each piece is handcrafted and displays their unique handmade and lived-in craftsmanship.-

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