Bull Resin

Dimension (H*L*l) : 140*235*90 cm | Weight : ~ 50 kg | Composition : résine


Hello ! Don’t be surprised by its aggressive look, this Bull in Resin is a real lucky charm!
Make it the mascot of your living space. It is said that stroking its horns promises a bright future! Believe in him, he will drive away the bad vibes and let in the positive attitude and the “only good vibes” brought by your relatives, your customers. Available in black and/or red, it is nevertheless possible to personalize your Bull! This decorative object is available in several dimensions to be submitted to us by estimate.

Its colors : black, red, to be personalized (on estimate)

-Bull Resin delivered in one piece. To clean it, please wipe the surfaces with a soft damp cloth without detergent.
Each piece is handcrafted and displays their unique handmade and lived-in craftsmanship.-

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