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Le style Maximalisme en déco

Master the maximalist style in decoration

The maximalist design trend is often defined by its reaction to the minimalist style. The difference between these two styles can be compared to the difference between an English and a French garden. Where the first gives free rein to inspiration and personal originality, the other is codified by rules that govern its harmony. A maximalist decor opens up new horizons in decoration: Grand Décor gives you the answers.

The maximalist style in decoration: the maximum of originality?

Minimalism frees itself from the codes of classical decoration and breaks the rules of proportion and codified harmony. It is difficult to summarise such a complex style, but it does have some obvious properties that make it easier to understand.


Maximalism celebrates movement, the destructuring of frames, and an extreme personalization of space with deliberate imbalances. By breaking the rules, maximalism in decorating brings life and praises an aestheticism of the moment: a designer mug that finds its place on a “cosy” coffee table, a light that seems to be placed to light only two armchairs that meet each other, or a nostalgic memory in evidence to illuminate the present.
The aesthetics of a maximalist decor vibrates, moves, and is constantly built up over time.
It is a generous, personal style, whithout barriers, which is why it allows the mixing of genres, periods and styles.


The maximalist style in decoration is characterised by accumulation, the effect of numbers, even the collection effect. Books are piled up in clever arrangements, furnitures are decorated with eclectic objects such as candles and antique knick-knacks, walls display relics: photos, paintings by designers (or not)… The pieces of the decor are also multiple, they can express all kinds of influences: zen (plants, fountain), travel (exotic objects, photographs), culture (statues, books), etc.

Colours and shapes

The maximalist decorations are uninhibited in terms of colour. White and neutral tones are forgotten for the walls, and almost everything is dared in terms of colour: sunny yellow, azure or turquoise blue, or vibrant red in tonic touches.
In terms of shape, we note the same excessiveness, and we dare to use oversized furniture, frames or lights. A touch of surrealism is not forbidden, with the preponderance of large decorative objects in a room, often revealing the personality of the owner.

The maximalist decorations are uninhibited in terms of colour. White and neutral tones are forgotten for the walls, and almost everything is dared

Why dare this style?

The owner of a maximalist decor is not afraid to show his passions, to open up his world and to push back the limits. The desire for freedom is what characterises him or her. The interest is not to be restricted in creativity, to compose the decor with pleasure, which will allow to feel fully at home. And it’s a success because the mixture of genres allows him to create an intimacy where his personality is expressed. The person likes to relax, work or recharge the batteries, surrounded by the kind presence of the objects.

Finally, the maximalist style allows them to avoid being encumbered by overly rigid storage rules. But beware, the abundant character of maximalism is not synonymous with disorder! Objects are, in a way, the actors of daily life who respect a well-hidden harmony. Neglect and disorder therefore break the harmony of the whole: the maximalist is a cleverly organised disorder!

What to find at Grand Décor for your maximalist decor?

Vintage objects have a special place in a maximalist decor, because they have the character, originality and sometimes excessiveness that characterise this decorative trend. Grand Décor offers you an original and refined choice, with items that are as functional as they are stylish and charming. Here are some examples:

You can find all this vintage decoration furniture on our website where you can place an order and in some cases, contact us for a customisation of our models.
Grand Décor also offers advice on how to create a daring, maximalist decor.

Do not hesitate to contact us and entrust us with your projects, we will be happy to assist you.