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Make you an instagrammable place

It has almost become the golden rule in restaurants: no touching the plate before having immortalized the dish. So yes, the dishes must delight the taste buds… but they must above all fill the eyes with it !

Customers want the never-before-seen, the explosive, in short: enough to make THE Instagram story of the instagrammable place. And if it is true that the menus have a lot to do with it, the universe proposed by the restaurant also plays a key role to seduce the customers.

Bistros, cafés, and other businesses have understood this; from the pink and cozy coffee shop to the completely offbeat and atypical bar, the design specialists have taken care of their decoration from floor to ceiling to offer their customers the unique experience they dream of.

But how to create an attractive and unique decoration to make your place Instagrammable? Don’t worry: GrandDécor has some advice for you!

To have an Instagrammable place: think big!

First: don’t be afraid of large decorative pieces. These are the things that make you say “wow“, they will transform your space into a place where your customers will be delighted to put themselves on stage for a photo.

Choose a few large signature pieces: they are what will make your space so charming. From imposing statues to large vegetation, articulate your decoration around some well chosen XXL models.

Decorate an Instagrammable place: have a green thumb

Second: decorate with plants, whether artificial, natural or dried; a floral touch will bring finesse and character to your decor. From flowery signs to elegant floral walls, there is more than one way to create creative and trendy arrangements with flowers.

The GrandDécor tip to decorate an Instagrammable place:

think beyond a simple wall of flowers, integrate them completely into your decor and stand out!

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This is what the London salon decided to do by revisiting in its own way the famous London phone booth. How to decorate it? It is loaded with flowers (and all pink for that girly side that influencers love), this cabin has known a phenomenal success ! Bloggers, influencers, celebrities: everyone was lining up – sometimes coming from far away – to discover the show and have the chance to take a picture in front of the “gossip room”, which has become an unavoidable of London.

The idea was simple but original: an incredible communication coup for this show that saw its popularity soar! Thank you word of mouth, and especially thank you Instagram!

Create an experience in an Instagrammable place: dare to be offbeat

If we tell you: “decorate with a pedal stool? A bench with wheels? A dog as a lamp?” What could be better than objects that are out of the ordinary to arouse curiosity of your customers? Unusual pieces to make the place unique.

Create a variety of atmospheres, punctuated by objects that you don’t normally see. Be careful: unusual does not necessarily mean disorder and chaos. You can try to find a homogeneity in the atypical objects you have chosen, for example by imagining a kind of general concept that you will apply in all your space. (Or not! Your choice)

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The last thing to remember is that nothing is too big, too colorful or too bold. Whether you dream of a futuristic world or a medieval city :

The field of possibilities has no other limit than that of your imagination

And you, what will be your universe?


GrandDécor, it is also advices, to scenario your places and to help you to create a daring decoration by exploiting at best your spaces. Do not hesitate to contact us and entrust us with your projects, we will be happy to assist you.

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